Delaware Legislature Closing In On Legalized Sports Gambling

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While other states are considering legislation to legalize different forms of casino gambling, the state of Delaware is about to set the bar even higher. Legislators in the state are strongly considering legalizing sports betting.

On the East Coast, people have to fly across the country to Las Vegas if they want to legally put money on a sporting event. That might no longer be the case if politicians in Delaware achieve their goals this session.

House Speaker Bob Gilligan is among those that believe sports betting could be approved, and if so, he tells Delaware Online that, “If we’re going to do it, we’re going to do it quickly.”

The odds would be tilted even farther away from the gambler than they are in Las Vegas. If Delaware does legalize sports gambling, it will be in the form of parlays. That means people will have to bet on multiple games in order to win.

The new governor of the state, Jack Markell, is unsure where he stands on the issue. He claims that he needs to know more of the details before making an informed decision on whether he will support the legislation.

This is not the first battle involving gambling in the state. Recently, Delaware has brought slot machines to the area, and also a lottery. Now that they have started, many politicians believe they might as well go all the way and offer something that neighboring states do not.

Six State Agencies Assist in Gambling Bust That Nets Three Arrests

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When authorities get together and want to crack down on a certain area of lawbreaking, they usually succeed. that is the case in Amarillo, Texas, where it took six state agencies to break up an illegal slot gambling operation.

The operation, which ended in search warrants being executed on Saturday night, netted three arrests. Five different facilities were raided in gathering evidence against the three people arrested.

The illegal gambling was taking place at the Toot-N-Totum, and it is estimated that up to 100 people were playing the illegal eight liner slots on some nights. The authorities are claiming that up to six more people could be arrested.

The operation made up what police felt was the largest illegal slot gambling operation in Amarillo. The investigation began after gamblers and neighbors of the Toot-N-Totum gave police the leads to what was taking place.

In all, it took Amarillo Police, the Potter and Randall County Sheriff Offices, the FBI, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and the Texas Department of Safety to serve the search warrants and make the three arrests.

It is estimated that over $150,000 was confiscated during the raids. Stolen guns, cars, electronics, and drugs were also seized by authorities.

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