Not subject to the player trap

Although less pronounced than other casino games or video slot machines, poker is a game of chance in which you always take some risk. Based on the factors cards, teammates and game position, you can make very specific game decisions in poker. These three factors mean that the same hand can be played very differently depending on the situation and must be played.

However, the player soul of each player can easily mislead them into making wrong and irrational game decisions. The player trap is an attempt to convince oneself that the next turn will be marked by luck, probabilities, and the previous hands. The player trap seduces players to play only one more time – and then again and again.

The “player trap” also lets players forget the only truth of the game. Namely, the cards are always dealt randomly and the previous hand does not affect the next one.

The following example shows how the player trap prevents reasonable poker play. After a player has lost ten consecutive times, he is now convinced that he must win at the next hand. Although it is true that happiness balances in the long run. So that does not mean that a losing streak due to probabilities in any case, soon to turn to the good.

Although it is unlikely that you will lose ten times with a hand with a 1: 5 chance to win. But the odds are only averages. Every hand is random. Just because each hand has a certain chance of winning and frequency does not mean that the win will be so in any case. One should therefore not fall into the misbelief of winning the next game for sure, since the last games were lost, – because that’s the player trap!

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