Man Island Game Supervision Commission

The Isle of Man government is a law firm that promotes gambling, including online gambling.

The Game Supervision Commission is under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. It is committed to creating a strong atmosphere, regulated by attractive business benefits.
The main objective of the Commission is to prevent crime from infiltrating gambling, to ensure that children do not have access to it, and to ensure that the services offered by licensees are reliable and, above all, secure. ensure that casino players get their winnings legally.

However, since 2001, the target is the legislation of the Online Gambling Regulation Act, this year’s Online Gambling Regulation Act. In 2003, however, the Isle of Man online gambling market erupted and no operator obtained a license from that jurisdiction. As a result, from 2005, the Isle of Man stopped collecting corporate taxes for online operators, and in return they do not offer their services to the local population.

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