Liv Boeree – Astrophysicist At Poker Pro

One of the newest members of the UB team, Liv Boeree represents the UtimateBet online poker room in live competitions around the world. Who is she ? Where is she from ? Its origins might surprise you.

The player known as the “Iron Girl” for his love of heavy metal studied astrophysics at the University of Manchester before moving to London. This is where she was introduced to the game of poker, when she was selected as a competitor of “Ultimatepoker.com Showdown”, a series of reality TV where players are coached by mentors, poker professionals , and compete for cash prizes. It was during the recording of this series that she met Phil Hellmuth, who trained her and showed her how to play poker.

After appearing on TV, Liv started playing poker more seriously. Her handsome appearance and wit has made her a natural presenter for the Gutshot TV series of the World Series of pokers, as well as for the TV coverage of the Online Challenge for EPT, and her article in Bluff Europe magazine. Is read by thousands of poker fans. There is more to Liv than her media presence, however: she is a threat to the tables, both online and offline.

In just a few years, Liv has guaranteed multiple top-10 finishes in a number of first-place wins in Texas Hold’em tournaments across London. In May 2008, Boeree claimed the top spot in the Ladbrokes European Women’s Championship, beating 53 days for $ 30,000 in cash and placing herself as the best female poker player. Liv won WPT’s 2009 championship series hands-down in April, making two final tables for the event and finishing 37th in the main event for $ 41,000.

It’s easy to see why Liv has become a valuable part of the UB team. “It’s an honor to play with the two people who helped me start my poker career,” she said after joining the elite group. “Annie and Phil are two of my favorite players, so sitting in the same team as they are, is a bit of a surreal experience, but one of which I am definitely proud.”

Liv can be seen regularly, both in online and real-world poker events around the world. If you’re looking to play against her, add “Liv Boeree” to UltimateBet’s UltimateBuddy features and see if you can be as good as the Iron Girl!

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