Dutch Asking Banks To Help Stop Illegal Internet Gambling

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The Internet gambling issue is not only one that is a hot topic in the United States, but also in other countries. The Netherlands government is taking their stand on the issue.

The government, unable to police themselves, has asked bans to join in the fight against illegal Internet gambling. The gambling is participated in by many online companies, and banks have been asked for their help.

While companies continue to operate, even while it is illegal, the government has sent out the names of thirty to fifty online operators to banks. They are asking that the banks do no business with these companies.

While they are asking the banks for their help, they are not forcing banks to police themselves. In the U.S., the government is trying to force banks to do the policing of Internet gambling. Banks in American have been opposed to having to police themselves.

While the government is looking for help from the banks in the Netherlands, they know they cannot fully stop the illegal activity. “This is a Dutch issue, so we have only asked banks operating in the Netherlands to participate,” said a spokeswoman for the Justice Ministry.

The only organization allowed to offer online gambling in the Netherlands is, of course, the state lottery. Any other company operating gambling online is doing so illegally.

South Carolina Casino Boats Do Not Have To Report Wagers

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SunCruz Casinos received a favorable ruling on Monday from the South Carolina Supreme Court. The legal battle was a continuation of whether or not the casino boats would have to report how much money they make.

An administrative judge had already ruled that the casino company would have to report payouts and gross proceeds from gambling machines. That ruling was overturned by the state Supreme Court.

SunCruz currently runs a couple cruises a day that set sail out of Little River, South Carolina. The cruises offer table games such as poker and blackjack, and also over 300 slot machines.

State laws in South Carolina claim that only a percentage of winnings to losses per machine has to be reported. The administrative judge ruled that made the boats report all their proceeds.

The Supreme justices did no0t agree with the ruling, however, and they overturned it. They stayed within the state laws, a legal victory that SunCruz was happy went in their favor.

The casino cruise company has boats running in several different states. They have built their business through people who enjoy going on dinner cruises that offering a full range of gambling options.

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