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DoJ, FBI, USA, Seem Ignorant of All Internet Gambling Issues

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Our efforts to get a response from the Department of Justice has proved futile the past two days. Our reporters have been calling incessantly trying to get an answer to the question: what is going on with the UIGEA regulations?

Most interns and workers at the Department of Justice who phoned our calls knew little about the pending regulations, or even that there were pending regulations. Not one person in the DoJ could give us any educated response as to when and if regulations will be in place to control banks and other financial institutions from processing money transfers to and from illegal Internet gambling sites as the UIGEA demands of them.

When we cited the bill specifically, our calls were routed to the White House at 202-741-6043, which also led to a dead end. We were then directed to the Federal Reserve, which controls banking, and we received similar responses (none). At one point we were directed to a web page that is hosted by the FBI, which also did not have any answers, just old rhetoric about how Internet gambling is illegal, how you could go gamble anywhere in the country, just not online.

JTodd, Perspectives Weekly host, called the FBI two weeks ago about that page and he received similar uneducated responses.

It currently appears that no one in the government has any idea what is going ite onĀ  Webseite from any angle regarding the online gambling industry. Whether it be about the WTO trade violations, the passing of the UIGEA, the legitimacy of business in the industry, or even protections allotted to problem and underage gamblers, the United States government appears ignorant.

There is currently a court date set in New Jersey to hear a case for a repeal of the UIGEA. iMEGA, who is suing the DoJ and Attorney General Alberto Gonzales over the unpopular law, claims it is unconstitutional by the 1st and 10th amendments. Experts believe their case is strong, however the results of them winning their case would be mere speculation.